Welcome to Insane.com

We exist to let you escape from the monotony of work, school, and general existance. The stuff that drives you Insane. Or that now drives you to Insane.com! Come for a minute, or spend all day here. We aim to add something new all the time so that you've got some other crazy thing to explore.

Some sites add a games area with a few games. We started with 3000 games and then are adding more. We have the very best Video Search interface from a programmer down in South America. From a guy in Wales comes the slickest tool to download video files off the top Video Sites - it's our free Download Video Tool. We're working hard on our photo sharing service, where the photos you upload will AUTOMATICALLY SELF-DESTRUCT after 72 hours. How insane is that? Post your party pics, and don't worry about them staying up forever, we'll delete them after 72 hours.

Are you in China and trying to visit Google? Are you a student trying to visit MySpace? Are you a cubicle warmer trying to visit Facebook? Or a web programmer wondering what your site looks like from another country? We've gathered the top Proxy Websites for your easy access.

We scour the web looking for sites to buy and add to the Insane.com network. If you see one that we should own, let us know. If you have an idea for something cool/crazy, let us know. If you have a site or script you'd like to share, contact us.

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